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Driverless Car Lanes on Major Highways/Interstates
Mar 09, 2015 Lisa P61
Driverless Car Lanes on Major Highways/Interstates
Go Highly Automated, and I think it's less than 5 years away. We now show mostly automated today in Tesla and Google

In anticipation of driverless cars, being developed by google, tesla, apple, mercedes, bmw.... its not a matter of if we have driverless cars, but how soon. If we dedicate a lane to driverless cars on highways that dictated when you car could flow into the cue, you would be assured exactly when you'd get to your destination. Cars wouldn't need to consume expensive real estate in our downtown and it would be the most efficient non-fixed rail, predictable system possible. With Tesla, it would be carbon free. Think about the ramifications of time save, urban centers freed from space wasted on cars that could store themselves else where. Think about how much safer cycling and walking in our communities would be as the sensors on these machines aren't subject to human error. Let's start planning for it.


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