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Considering: Virtual town meetings - Partner up?
Mar 21, 2015 Heather K21
Considering: Virtual town meetings - Partner up?

I am considering quite a few different ideas & interested in partnering up.Here is one:

I would like to explore options for virtual,on-demand type town meetings+explore uses for the data.

My local council is complained about a lot b/c it holds town meetings in a pancake house at a time convenient for its own breakfast, but not the citizens.There are a lot of places with similar issues-but no reason for that now.I’d like to explore options for “virtual town council” mtgs w/greatly on-demand content & maybe some dynamic community level voting.

(Thinking that data should be accessible by all & anonymized,but trackable back per strong majority community votes & probably only per that or acceded to request by the originator.)

Note:A big resource constraint for me is time+the bulk of my software dev work is going towards my company.So, presently, my work will be mostly research & maybe some design work.I am open to modifying the project scope w/the right partners. :-)


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