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Considering:User pref moderated community Reddit alts - Partner?
Mar 21, 2015 Heather K21
Considering:User pref moderated community Reddit alts - Partner?

I am considering quite a few different ideas and interested in partnering up. Here is one:

I would like to explore creating Reddit type alternatives for local to fairly local areas such as the Puget Sound that would be unmoderated, except for reader user preference moderation.

Reddit is a powerful site for discussing a wide range of issues quickly – and often quite thoroughly – with a robust community voting paradigm. It is also now a bit suck as its content is culled by bots and overzealous editor pools. This would be exploring applications for and alternatives to the Reddit style of things, at a community/region centric level - to get the goods w/o the bads.

Note: A big resource constraint for me is time, and the bulk of my software dev work is going towards my company at this point. So, presently, my work will be mostly research and maybe some design work. I am open to modifying the project scope with the right partners. : - )


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