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Considering:Neighborhood driven "punishment" reqs - Partner up?
Mar 21, 2015 Heather K21

I am considering quite a few different ideas and interested in partnering up. Here is one:

I would like to explore a neighborhood "punishments" requests system &how that might work w/the existing judicial system and/or a neighborhood issues moderation sys.

Not too long ago,it was possible in many communities for members to request services of people found guilty of crimes in their area. Now,for the most part,governing body winnowed orgs can,but there is little community buy in.I’d like to look @ options for creating a community requests tool,including voting opps for neighborhood & beyond requests.This could also “matchmake” skill sets of perpetrators & maybe tie into something like a community moderation toolset or the local judiciary.

Note:A big resource constraint for me is time & the bulk of my software dev work is going towards my company. Presently, my work will be mostly research&maybe some design work.I am open to modifying the project scope w/the right partners. :-)


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