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Considering:Crowdcentric community health tracking - Partner up?
Mar 21, 2015 Heather K21
Considering:Crowdcentric community health tracking - Partner up?

I am considering quite a few different ideas and interested in partnering up. Here is one:

I would like to explore options for better tracking exigent and on-going local health issues, particularly using crowd sourcing and aggregation of the data. I would also like to explore uses for the data so collected.

(Thinking that data should be accessible by all and anonymized, but trackable back per strong majority community votes - and probably only per that or acceded to request by the originator.)
Note: A big resource constraint for me is time, and the bulk of my software dev work is going towards my company at this point. So, presently, my work will be mostly research and maybe some design work. I am open to modifying the project scope with the right partners. : - )


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