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Considering:Community farm/craft/resource distribution -Partner?
Updated: Apr 07, 2015 Heather K21
Considering:Community farm/craft/resource distribution -Partner?

Update: Originally planning on comm surveys driving solution investigation - Finding that I need more time to get that data than I have- So, modding the project - if ne1 has any great, quick ways to get survey traction on social platforms,I'd love to read 'em. :-)

I would like to explore creating a local distribution network:
- connect service and goods havers(sell, gift, trade - homemade, used or otherwise) with service and goods wanters
- connect sets of these with transport/storage helper resources around the community

I live in an area with a ton of do-it-yourselfers,crafters,small farmers,etc. & ppl with things for others to re-use.

Big impediments are distribution & communication. I’d like to explore options for community sourcing everything from small > large transportation to warehousing,etc.

I envision people selling things, but also bartering by direct barter or providing varied support services/spaces/tools, etc. for this network or other community efforts.


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