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Considering: Community driven mediation options - Partner up?
Mar 21, 2015 Heather K21
Considering: Community driven mediation options - Partner up?

I am considering quite a few different ideas & interested in partnering up. Here is one:
I would like to explore options for individual & community level mediation alts. I would also like to explore uses for the data collected.

I’d like to look at options for people who have issues with each other – small claims sorts of things, at least – to be able to submit them quickly, easily and anonymously (likely with the exception of the parties involved knowing who’s who) to the broader community to consider solutions and help them mediate their issues

(Thinking that data should be accessible by all & anonymized, but trackable back per strong majority votes & probably only per that or acceded to request by the originator.)

Note: A big resource constraint for me is time, and the bulk of my sw dev work is going towards my co. at this point. So, presently, my work will be mostly research & maybe some design work. I am open to modifying the project scope w/the right partners. : - )

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