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Community-based, turn-by-turn route navigation for cyclists
Mar 12, 2015 Tom S93

As a commuting cyclist, one of my biggest challenges was finding the "best" way to get from point A to point B. In Calgary (Alberta, Canada) the city publishes a "dumb" route map (static map showing pathways, on-street bike lanes and steep elevation areas) which is certainly better than nothing but requires the cyclist to plot their route ahead of time and then try to remember it as they are enroute. What if I decided part way in my trip that I wanted to stop for a coffee on my way to the destination? How can avoid making a wrong turn? Not only did I want to know the fastest route or which route would make for a beautiful view but I also wanted to know my options for avoiding heavy traffic, minimal elevation changes, current pathway closures and other such considerations.

North American cities need to get people out of their cars an onto bicycles and I suspect my app would go a long way in encouraging them to do so.

More Info:
Waze: Free Community Based Traffic & Navigation App (the automobile version of my app)

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