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Be your city (share skills, suggest, vote and give feedbacks)
Mar 15, 2015 Fabricio F

I am planing on doing a project about Participatory Urbanism mostly because I don't feel connected to my city.

It is hard to understand that we build the city for ourselves, nevertheless we don't actually have a say in any decision. It seems like we live hoping for the best but we can't take actions. I know there are some groups that fight for a better environment, but it is just a small portion of the population.

So my project is to create an engagement platform (mobile + web) for my city (Belo Horizonte, Brazil), where you can:
1) Suggest priorities and point matters that need improvement;
2) Vote for suggestions that need more attention;
3) Give feedbacks on existent system and evaluate changes made;
4) Share time and skills you have to improve the city. (Maybe a partnership with universities?)

What do you think? Would you feel more connected to the city and aware of decisions with a platform like this one?


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