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A community sponsored Virtual Reality Hotel
Updated: Apr 03, 2015 Heather K21

Make a virtual escape for stressed out denizens. Let them feel like they are there, wherever they really happen to be!

Why fix your city when you can just transport citizens to a better place - Great for "alternativizing" their reality while in stressful situations like:
- avoiding screaming babies (Why face the madding crowd when you can bring the crowd straight into your brain, from the comfort of anywhere?)

- avoiding mugger filled parks (why walk all the way to a park to get mugged, when you can experience that from the comfort of your sofa?)

- being under the thumb of an incompetent and overweening govt (Don't waste your lunch hour going to the bureaucratic mess - bring the mess straight to you!)

- work - especially meetings (be in paradise while still checkmarking attended!)

- bumper-to-bumper traffic

The community sponsored Virtual Reality Hotel:Help Your Citizens Live Better, Virtually

; - D

(plz see attached link for reference)
PS April Fools! ; - )

More Info:
Perception, a Virtual Reality Hotel (Virtually Anywhere, United States) - Jetsetter

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