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1st Idea: NRV Events Mobile Application
Mar 14, 2015 Sara M42

Living in Blacksburg, VA, I am apart of the New River Valley community. We have visitors come for Virginia Tech, university sporting events, Christiansburg sporting events, the Crooked Road music events, etc. I have lived here for five years but when I first moved here I didn't know what to do outside of the university. I thought about how these new residents and visitors would find events and activities to do in the area while they are staying in the NRV. Yes, there is the Virginia Tech and Town of Blacksburg websites that have Event Calendars but I do not think that reaches the younger generation; a mobile app would. It would be map based and allow different businesses, schools, community groups, etc. to make a profile to post the events they are hosting in the NRV. The post would include: host, type of event, description, time, travel options, ways to connect, etc. This would allow people to find various options to fill there time and experience the community in a new way.


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