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Virtual possibilities of a city using Google Street View
Apr 04, 2014 Vanessa R4
Virtual possibilities of a city using Google Street View

Every time when a city is passing through an accelerated reform process we ask ourselves what would we like the city to become. My proposal is to create a virtual model, like a Google
StreetView, with other possibilities of a certain street, as a way to put into question the present changes and to give voice to other alternatives in an artistic but also urban design conscious way.

The main final product would be a kind of Google StreetView, based in one street from Rio de Janeiro. I’ll take several panoramic images of the street and use the StreetView API, which is open source to transform it into a virtual tour. However, before transforming it into a StreetView, the images would be changed through Photoshop – we would transform the landscape view of Rio that one can see from such street up on the hill into an imaginary one.
Would anyone like to help me up with the explanation video? Or helping with the API? I won't be able to finish this for Techcity, but I will develop this idea

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