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Virginia Tech Parking Restrictions App
Mar 03, 2014 Anna S20

Virginia Tech is a large campus with a very large number of commuter students. Parking availability throughout the week is contingent on the time of day, parking lot restrictions, and the type of parking pass you hold. When there is traffic on or around campus, or when you're on a tight schedule, keeping track of parking regulations isn't always the first thing that comes to mind, and as a result, many students inevitably receive parking tickets.

I would like to create a mobile application that helps drivers determine what lots are available to them to suit their parking needs. Users can input the type of pass that they hold and the time of day that they will be parking (or the app can auto-detect the time if parking is needed ASAP). GPS functionality will then list the closest lots that they are legally permitted to park in based on those factors, and can also indicate where the lot is on a map.


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