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Utilizing and Integrating City Resources into your fitness plan.
Updated: Mar 15, 2014 Cynthia J5

Develop Fit Check a mobile application to implement a gamified fitness system. This system will integrate your existing equipment, local activities, and your city resources, to achieve a healthier life style. You can use the Fit Check app to chronicle your journey on Facebook, or twitter.

This app is has three main objectives
1. Education people on city resources.
2. Education people on local activities.
3. Integrate city resources and local activities into a healthier life style.

Examples of local resources
o National Parks
o Local parks
o City Community Centers

Examples of local charity activities and events that might occur within your local community:
o Multiple Sclerosis 150 Bike ride
o Scenic Shore 150 Leukemia Bike Tour
o Susan G. Komen 60 mile walk
o American Lung Association – Fight for air Skyscraper Stair Climb
o Susan G. Komen 5k run

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