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Using RFID for tracking public transport's real time performance
Mar 04, 2014 Konstantinos P1

RFID technology is being used for smart ticketing in public transport but I was thinking that it could probably be used in other aspects of public transport. For example, there are various crowdsourcing-based systems that try to estimate the arrival time of a bus etc. There are also GPS-equiped buses that feed their location on web-based map services. These cases usually exist on university campuses and much less often on mass public transit. The idea is whether RFID technology offers a cheaper solution for tracking real time the location of a bus. Buses could be equipped with RFID readers and tags could be placed along the routes (e.g., on traffic lights, bus stops). As the bus passes through RFID-landmarks the reader reads the tag and streams the information on a central repository. The first question is a cost analysis of such solution as compared to the GPS-based. However, there is a technological question too, since GPS is not performing well in downtown areas.

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