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Using NFC technology in customer reviews
Updated: Mar 03, 2014 Elly M

An increasing number of smartphone models are now NFC-enabled. Near Field Communication, or NFC, makes it easy to pay for goods and services, visit website links and redeem deals with just a tap.This can be used to direct the user's smartphone to a webpage with a short customer review to be filled in, allowing people to comment on the quality of the service and possible improvements quickly and easily, and share this information with the public, their friends, and the company itself. This can also be taken one step further, with customers being able to use a dedicated app to track the stores or places they visit and add them with just a tap, with options for describing these stores to remember them in the future. While this will require customers to have an NFC-enabled device, the amount of these devices on the market is increasing (most new models have this feature) and NFC technology is already being used in paying for travel and advertisements.


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