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Technology to enable neighbourhood cohesion
Mar 02, 2014 Julia T3

Starting from the suggested idea:
"I was thinking of building some technology application
that would make it easy for neighborhood cohesion to
build and emerge",
I have identified a perimeter in the city I live and I would like to create a platform to collect data about the area, then communicate it to people living in the community and in the end create tools to enable them being aware of different aspects of a healthy, clean way of living and take action into this direction.

One main challenge is the diverse range of people living in there which I would like to bring them together: from poor families, to middle class and well-established one.

That perimeter area contains:
- a secondary school
- market
- a cultural place
- bank premises
- small firms
- abandoned places with stray dogs

The first step would be to identify the various aspects or problems to collect data about? I would like to know your suggestions too.

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