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Social Media visualization technique in Smart City
Updated: Mar 11, 2014 prem P
Social Media visualization technique in Smart City

Our idea in smart city challenge is to innovate by integrating demand side of energy management system with social media platform to reduce the energy wastage.
The main challenge is to find the energy leakage in real time scenarios arise due to a technical issue due to unidentified source.
We proposed the solution by combining the innovative social media platform with smart energy management system. It comprises of two phases: i) quick detection of energy leakage with the help of decision support system through real time analysis as service, ii) to save energy by reducing the response time in exploring and rectifying the defective appliance.
Our approach is to do sample analysis method to find out the numerical data for energy leakage and interpret the phenomena by doing observations and interviews.The output of our idea is to connect smart city stakeholders which comprises of end users, technicians, analysts and admin under one umbrella i.e., social energy media platform.

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