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Smart docking and auto-recharging station for mobile robot
Mar 12, 2014 yassine G1

I have the idea of ​​devloping a docking station for a smart mobile robot, During the robots task, which could be anything from floor cleaning to simply roaming the robots battery will drop below a preset threshold. The robot then enters the "Hunger State" in its program and begins to look for the proximity of the charger beacon. For home robots which simply roam in an unstructured environment, the robots behavior will not change unless the docking beacon is detected. Then the robots behavior will shift to the process of localizing the beacon and heading for the charger.
I like the way to work on it IROBOT (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3uoS38pdjw) I'd like to improve the Autonomous Robotic.
The initial idea is to use sensors and beacons to guide the robot toward the station.
I'm looking for people interested in this field. To discuss and study problems.
What do you think the management of parking spaces?


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