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Sensor Networked Shopping Carts!!!
Feb 27, 2014 Nidhi S

I always wonder how day to day activites can be fastened to the maximum.One such example would be the shopping experience in the malls are getting worsened at the billing counters.

Brief : The billing counters consume a lot of time in scanning,prepare a bill,accept cash/card,provide a bill,pack the goods.This can definitely be automated by using a embedded sensor networked shopping cart that can scan as well as provide information to the billing server via WIFI or any other network module.
The individual can reach the billing counter ,pay the bill amount which would already be prepared as well as communicated to the individual.This will surely reduce time involved in waiting in the long queues at the billing counters.

Its just a brief on what I have thought of !!!

Feel free to suggest,criticize,discuss.
Thanks for your time.


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