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Open Data Science Forum for Everyone to Use and Learn with
Feb 27, 2014 Zack V

There are several data science sites out there but it's usually the case that there is a data science guru who shares his/her insights and learning material with others, who are passive receptors or in the best case, followers. How about we decentralize this and create a round table of sorts, where everyone has equal opportunities to share and learn. The most helpful posts and replies to posts can gather points from others (people who comment and justify their input can contribute more points). This way the system is more interactive (instead of somewhat passive like most Social Media groups). People can volunteer to be facilitators / moderators, so little admin overhead will be required to run the group. Also, this forum can be a fertile ground for the development of data science teams and the the cultivation of innovative ideas that can be useful to everyone.

I am really passionate about this field and I'm sure other people are very keen on exploring data science. Care to join me?


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