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Intelligent traffic system
Updated: Mar 05, 2014 Mohamed E2
 Intelligent traffic system

System that manage traffic using Intelligent technologies to connect city units to gother as following
1 - each vehicle is connected to the traffic system,every vehicle has it's own id
2- all vehicles appear on the map, so driver can monitor traffic to choose his way
3- user can search only for his vehicle location from mobile app using vehicle id and predefined password
4- each traffic sign in city has point on map, green if open and red if closed
5- when vehicle is near to traffic sign , vehicle system automatically show it's status and remaining time
6- traffic signs announce it's status to help blind people
7- vehicle detect human movements and make alert
8-sensors detect accidents, show it on system map and alert police and hospital of accident location
9-ambulance has special id and system automatically manage traffic to facilitate movements
10 - prevent parking in forbidden areas
11- manage available and occupied parking areas
See image for more description.


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