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Improving the walkability for disabled and prams
Mar 02, 2014 LUIS J

my idea is to create awareness of the existing urban architectural/infrastructure barriers in cities,which could be cut down and better managed when designing the urban plans, in order to help disabled and new parents carrying their baby prams in their daily walks.
I think mobile GIS-based apps would be great to report the council about the disruption or pitfall met, and feedback would engage citizens to become more committed with their city.
On the other hand, those citizens might be awarded with bonus that could be redeemed for municipal services at a beneficial price, for example reduced prices in cinema and/or theatre tickets, public services such as transportation, swimming pools, gyms and arenas, even in municipal taxes, and so on.
Finally, the council should help the platform enlarge to leverage its city, in terms of social responsibility and smartability. That way all citizens will wish to stay living in their city!

Any idea about the technology to apply?


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