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Effects of terrain and structures on Wireless Signal strength
Mar 11, 2014 Andrew D36

In Dr. Cowley's week 2 video, we saw how Timo Arnall visually represented signal strength throughout his city. Interestingly,we saw wireless signals that vary greatly in strength mere feet apart from each other.

I want to know why. What makes these signals change so drastically in such a short distance? What variables contribute to the strength of a wireless network signal, and how do we control them?

My proposal is to crowd-source data collection by asking people to take screenshots of their mobile device's WiFi meters (i.e. the bars at the top that tell you how good your service is), their specific location inside or outside a building, and if they feel their connection is stronger or weaker there than their average one.

Collecting this data will allow us to correlate what building materials, forms, and structures contribute to the changing wireless signal strength, and allow strategic placement of buildings within the city, as well as the materials used to make them.

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