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Decision making system to improve public transport efficiency
Feb 28, 2014 Jair R
Decision making system to improve public transport efficiency

One of the biggest problems in Mexico City is the large amount of vehicular traffic. We are talking about a city with 20M people, in which most of the people who use a car, ride alone.

There are no many incentives to use public transportation, since there is the idea that it offers a terrible service. It has come to the point of becoming a social class problem. Some people rather buy a car they can't even afford just to avoid being one of the "poor people who have to suffer the horrible public transport". However, owning a car represents a full load of problems, every single day.

Some of th public transportation main issues are: super crowded at peak hours, delays, failures, insecurity and lack of information of how to use it.

A way to deal with these problems would be to create a tool that gave people information, so they would feel more certain about the use of public transport: avoid insecure areas, plan better routes, estimate travel time; and so on.


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