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COM'ONPLACE: a spacesharing network for informal citizens
Updated: Mar 12, 2014 Simone G2
COM'ONPLACE: a spacesharing network for informal citizens
How many vacant buildings are in the city where you live?

Increasing urban population struggles to find a place. Most of the 21st century citizens have a life style that doesn't fit with last century standards: variable income, work flexibility, unconventional partnerships, constant moving between cities. It's almost impossible for them to deal with a mortgage, often hard even to deal with a rent.

At the same time, many cities have a huge heritage of buildings that are vacant, or only partially used. Several strategies and policies, both institutional and informal, have been developed for promoting the occupancy of empty spaces.

COM'ONPLACE matches these two urban issues into a spacesharing system:

- collects data about available buildings.
- provides information to owners.
- gives advice on how to occupy unattended buildings.
- connects new residents into flexibe communities.
- promotes informal business activities.
- facilitate selfconstruction processes.

The more, the better. Looking for "classmates" to join this idea!

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