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Clearing the Debris, or "How to Positively Engage with Gov't"
Mar 11, 2014 Robert C55
Clearing the Debris, or "How to Positively Engage with Gov't"

One of the biggest challenges to moving forward towards the realization of a true Smartcity concept is the bureaucracy of governments entities mixed with the siloed and antiquated policies and codes. We need to move more towards an integrated concept and "form-based" style of urban planning, zoning, and codes. One potential application is the specification of sensor technologies for use in building and infrastructure design that feed open-source data to a public exchange. This would require investment by the government in two new types of civic infrastructure, broadband communications and a publicly-hosted data exchange. This puts the power of creativity into the hands of the citizens, and takes pressure off the governments (increasing ROI too if you consider the frequent missteps or miscalculations often incurred by governments) by providing self-service opportunities to the marketplace.


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