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Censored License Plates/Days without Cars
Updated: Mar 03, 2014 Ashley F9

In Cali, Colombia there was a law called Pico y Placa. On certain days of the week, if your license plate ended in certain numbers, you could not drive in the city or be subject to tickets and fines. The intended goal was to eliminate some congestion in the city (in theory 20%). If you could have censors around the city and tiny chips like in the EZ-PASS lanes that detect if you entered the city, you could easily implement and enforce this kind of program. Or traffic cameras that scan license plates could be programmed to do such a thing. Like in the Congo, this would raise significant revenue to put into complete street programs or public transportation. Additionally, being forced to change your driving habits one day per week could dramatically change transportation habits more often. A program like this could also be accompanied by an app that would act like Uber where people driving could be available for those that could not use their car on a specific day to carpool.

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