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An app (or add-on) to compare bike route safety
Updated: Mar 12, 2014 Sylvia G1
An app (or add-on) to compare bike route safety
A rough idea

Most route finders (such as Google maps) will output the most efficient routes to your destination. However, the most efficient bicycle route may not be the safest, and safety is a big issue for cyclists.

This addition will give cyclists accessible information to choose the route that is the safest. The options provided by an existing route finder will be compared based on the number of cycling accidents that have occurred along those routes. This will be relayed back to the user with a simple safety rating beside the estimated time.

Alternatively, we could create an app to optimize different factors for cyclists, such as safety, slope, air pollution etc. For inspiration see: http://www.cyclevancouver.ubc.ca/cv.aspx

As a cyclist, would you find this valuable? Is there a better way to measure safety than accident history? Do you know of any opportunities for collaboration with existing initiatives? I would love to hear your ideas and thoughts, thanks for reading!


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