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Smart cities help to make us smarter, what do you think?
Yes, Smart Cities Help Make Us Smarter
Mar 06, 2014 Eric G18
Yes, Smart Cities Help Make Us Smarter
Vancouver Codes by Douglas Coupland
Yes, Smart Cities Help Make Us Smarter
Tourists visiting Tiananmen Square, Beijing, January 16, 2014 (AP Photo/Alexander F. Yuan)
Yes, Smart Cities Help Make Us Smarter
Amsertdam Smart City: IJburg - Fiber-to-the-Home

Yes, there is a lot of discussion and debate centered on whether smart cities can make people smarter. Not every new technological innovation points to making cities smarter, but there is value in cities that adopt free wireless and broadband services, contribute to the health and well-being of its residents, provide information through mobile technologies as well as understand urban behavioral patterns from big data including mobile data. China's search engine giant Baidu produced a real-time heat map online that charted the chunyun travel period for Lunar New Year celebrations earlier this January-February based on mobile Baidu map search and navigation data. Another interesting project designed by Samsung Life Insurance for the low-slung Mapo Bridge in Seoul which had been a site for its residents to take their lives was an LED light sensor installation on the bridge to engage pedestrians and to offer life-affirming messaging. Check out the video attached.

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