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Smart cities help to make us smarter, what do you think?
Smart Technologies enhance city experience
Mar 12, 2014 Lauren B19
Smart Technologies enhance city experience
Downtown Missoula on Next Exit History

Like my colleagues, I can't say that smart cities make us smarter, but they give us more options to experience a city. While working with the Missoula Downtown Association I learned about a new app that focuses on heritage tourism on an international level.
You can use your location to find historic buildings in the surrounding areas. When you click on a location you get an image and a brief description of the history behind the landmark. Most places also have a recent image, and several historical ones as well as an audio option of the description. You also have the option to share on social media or save for a ‘backpack.’ A backpack is for saving sites for reference. The company explains, “A backpack is a collection of sites organized by a theme. Think of them as heritage trail that you can take with you on your trips.”
From a community development standpoint apps like this are gems. This app uses ICT methods seamlessly and really enhances a self-guided tour.

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