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Smart cities help to make us smarter, what do you think?
Safe is Smart
Mar 11, 2014 Thomas F15

Smart cities provide individuals with tools and information that may facilitate the making of more well informed choices if not "smarter" decisions. Whether or not living in a connected city has any impacts or reflects positively on ones cognitive abilities however I would question. The majority of information that I find myself accessing relates to simple everyday questions, many of which could likely be easily answered if I dedicated more than a passing thought but a simple Google search via WiFi is often faster and easier. What impacts the expanded implementation of ICT will have on the evolution of human intelligence to me is a very interesting topic. When the answer to nearly every inquiry is just a click away will we no longer dedicate the amount of time to thought that we do today? Will we replace the neural with the virtual? I think to a degree this is already occurring, and why transparency, security, and accessibility of ICT and data is becoming of paramount importance.

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