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Smart cities help to make us smarter, what do you think?
More Efficient => More Productive
Mar 04, 2014 Nour S

Smart cities would increase our over all well being and have us live a more efficient lives throughout our city.

Just like how technology increases the friendliness of an interface of a product and have it serve more advanced functions with more accuracy and integration into our lives (smart phones vs the early mobile phones!). Think of a city as a product that is being used by numerous people at the same time.

It won't make the people 'using' the city smarter, but it will better their lives in the city and the city, in turn, would have a better effect on its occupants. This would give way to people to have better use of their time and more energy to do different things from relaxing to engage in extracurricular activities to increase productivity on the job (whether that entails employing their brains to finally put together that time machine they've been working on or simply reply to those customer service emails.)

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