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Social Archives: Circus Video
May 21, 2013 Tsakoumaki D

The Project
This is a three year ARC Linkage project that aims to create and analyse an experimental prototype for an online participatory ‘living archive’, built upon the Circus Oz collection of performance and rehearsal video documentation, to drive innovations in repertoire development, performance research and audience interaction. The project began officially in 2011, with preliminary work beginning in late 2010.

Project outline

Circus Oz is an internationally recognized innovator in contemporary circus. The unique Circus Oz performance aesthetic encourages a sense of shared community, of sometimes anarchic, carnivalesque participation.

This project investigates how this approach can be augmented through expansion into the digital networked environment.

It tests and evaluates how the development and deployment of a rich media archive may catalyze the creative participation of diverse users — Circus Oz, peers, fans, scholars and the general public — in building a prototype ‘living archive’, that becomes a shared online space for creative dialogue on the history and artistic future of Circus Oz, providing a new model of digital engagement for the performing arts.

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