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P2P Urbanism - "A urbanism for the commons"
May 28, 2013 Teresa J2

Today I found this very insightful article on the so-called P2P Urbanism. Here are some self-exlanatory extracts:

"P2P-Urbanism is all about letting people design and build their own environments, using information and techniques that are shared freely. (...) In parallel to the free/open-source software movement, designing a city and one’s own dwelling and working environment should be based upon freely-available design rules rather than some “secret” code decided upon by an appointed authority. Furthermore, open-source urban code must be open to modification and adaptation to local conditions and individual needs, which is the whole point of open-source.

(...) People who join P2P-Urbanism represent a heterogeneous group consisting of individuals championing collaborative design and user participation in planning.

(...) A P2P process will have to somehow channel and amalgamate pure individualist, spontaneous preferences and cravings within a practical common goal."

More Info:
P2P Foundation's blog » Blog Archive » An urbanism for the commons

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