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One person's trash is another's treasure
May 13, 2013 Susannah G

A Dutch product design company has developed clear trash bags so that you can put stuff that is still useful to someone in it and people walking past the bag on the street can see what's inside:

I wonder if these guys have considered making an app that will enable people to say 'On street xyz, items a,b,c available' ... and if someone comes along and takes it, the taker can say 'item a and c taken'. A bit like Freecycle but in real time (and without the clunky yahoo groups platform).

For background:
- Dutch people put EVERYTHING on the street as trash, even new, valuable or sellable items, electronic items, furniture, white goods...
- It's extremely common to see respectable people rifling through trash and taking home a nice vase or chair they find on 'trash day'
- There are not very many goodwill/charity shops to take this stuff to and second hand marketplaces are a pain

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