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Integrated approach to Energy Efficiency.
May 15, 2013 Rajarshi R

We need smarter spaces, spaces that function 24 hours, with minimum embedded energy and long service lives, accommodating multiple uses in different times and arranged in a fashion that avoids reliance on cars and polluting motorized transport. We need smarter grids, to cope with oblique curves in energy demand, cross-fed by renewable energy sources like solar energy to avoid peaking loads and hence less reliant on polluting small power plants. We also need an outlook to overall management of energy, especially in the municipal sector, whereby big heads like pumping, lighting, district heating/cooling (if applicable), sewerage and solid waste disposal can be less energy intensive. We need convergence between energy governance and democratic local governance, bringing the issues of energy to the mainstream of public debate. We need to see the world as one, where a network of connected minds come together to tackle global problems of energy and environment.

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