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In The Air / Madrid's air components Data / Nerea Calvillo
May 11, 2013 Fernando R1
In The Air / Madrid's air components Data / Nerea Calvillo
In The Air / Madrid's air visualization


In the Air is a visualization project which aims to make visible the microscopic and invisible agents of Madrid´s air (gases, particles, pollen, diseases, etc), to see how they perform, react and interact with the rest of the city.

The visualization tool is a web-based dynamic model which builds up the space the components generate, where through data crossing behavior patterns emerge. The results of these data feed a physical prototype of what we have called a “diffuse façade”, a massive indicator of the air´s components through a changing cloud, blurring architecture with the atmosphere it has invaded and mediating the activity of the participants it envelops.

project credits

In the Air is a project by Nerea Calvillo along with the best team possible:

Sandra Fernández - Anthropologist
Carlota Pascual - Architecture Student
Greg J. Smith - Designer / Researcher
Guillermo Ramírez - Architecture Student
Miguel Vidal - Architecture Thesis Student
Paco González - Architect / Blogger
Raphaël de Staël - Artist
Susanna Tesconi - Technoteacher
Victor Viña - Interaction Designer

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