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Patterns of fast-food consumption in city neighbourhoods
May 23, 2013 K Rose Q

I think you could get a lot out of just observing who eats at fast food restaurants in different areas such as if a certain economic bracket goes there, why and when they go there, if certain factors affect them choosing fast food over home meals, and in the larger scale then where are the areas in the city that need to be looked at as far as planing in health centres and parks and urban farm projects to counteract all this negative food consumption. Is Fast Food the meal of the day mom and day plunk the kids down to because they don't have time to cook? Perhaps during that time afterschool programes that feed the children could be planned parents have time to get their things done, the kids are fed nutritiously an everyone can enjoy each other in the evening. Just a thought because I had observed during a recent announcement that the area I lived in was in serious ecomonic trouble that people flocked to fast food joints- total opposite of what I would have expected when broke....

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