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Share your How To Video with the Class
May 23, 2013 Emily K10

I chose to demonstrate this because I am sick of PowerPoint. I think if we want to get people to engage, we need to make it interesting for them. While presentations aren't necessarily meant to be fun, I think Prezi takes a good step toward making them better and more engaging. So, when it comes to cities and technology, I think people will use this as an engagement tool. Educating the public on important issues is a big part of urban planning, but we can’t expect anyone to get excited unless we make it fun and exciting for them. It is also helpful because it can be found online, so anyone with a computer and internet access can easily find and open the presentation without having to have the PowerPoint file. So, someone could use it to present to a group during a public meeting, or even just to share an idea over the internet by sending the link to others. By presenting information in an exciting way, we will elicit more interest from others.


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