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How to use Paper.li to create a self-curated newspaper
May 23, 2013 Teresa J2

I have chosen to make a demonstration on how to use Paper.li to create a self-curated newspaper on the topic of Smart Cities, in order to receive news from a variety of information sources.

Based on my own information shortcomings on this topic, I decided I would make use of this tool to regularly get information on topics such as smart cities, open data, urban technologies, etc.
Since I am not proficient in any urban design tool, I decided to share this software learning experience, in case some other student was seeking on ways to stay informed on the topic after the course finishes.

(I am afraid you will have to turn up the volume since my voice it a little low. And please excuse my bad accent in English!)

More Info:
TECHNICITY How-to Video_PaperLi_Joana Baró on Vimeo

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