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how to make a whiteboard animation video
Updated: Jun 07, 2013 Matt S34

VideoScribe is a unique way to create engaging animated videos quickly and easily. You are empowered to bring impact to your message without technical or design knowledge.

You can create amazing marketing videos, instructional talks, add a visual to your talk or story, bring illustrations to life, show text, logos or photos and keep any audience captivated.

Often called Whiteboard animation or Fast Drawing, VideoScribe replicates a stop-motion capture style of drawing that's so popular on commercials... at a fraction of the cost & time.

I have made a video about my site with VideoScribe, just 30 mins:)

You can test VideoScribe free 7 day trial at http://www.sparkol.com?aid=59783

More Info:
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VideoScribe free 7 day trial
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