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Kiss Transmission Device
sandipan S
sandipan S May 06, 2013
Kiss Transmission Device

I've seen these sensors...

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Similar Photos: look at this video <br/><br/>http://w3.siemens.co<wbr/><span class="wbr"></span>m/smartgrid/global/e<wbr/><span class="wbr"></span>n/Pages/default.aspx<wbr/><span class="wbr"></span>#w2gRC-/smartgrid/gl<wbr/><span class="wbr"></span>obal/en/Pages/video_<wbr/><span class="wbr"></span>smart_grid_traile Could this be a sensor? Very basic Technology I know but...I mean, it shares data and even can colect it. Public parking at the Chinook Mall in Calgary has sensors that turns the light green when the stall is vacant: safety up, emissions down.

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