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Clever Kitchenware You May Be Searching For.
sandipan S
sandipan S May 06, 2013
Clever Kitchenware You May Be Searching For.

I've seen these sensors...

Often 2
Occasionally 3
Rarely 1
Never 1
What is it? 3
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Similar Photos: Toilets that automatically change the cover.  They are at Chicago international airport! Could this be a sensor? Very basic Technology I know but...I mean, it shares data and even can colect it. http://www.macrumors<wbr/><span class="wbr"></span>.com/2011/10/25/ipod<wbr/><span class="wbr"></span>-creator-tony-fadell<wbr/><span class="wbr"></span>s-next-quest-is-to-r<wbr/><span class="wbr"></span>evolutionize-thermos<wbr/><span class="wbr"></span>tats/

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