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ATM Booth
Md A
Md A May 07, 2013
ATM Booth

I've seen these sensors...

Often 3
Occasionally 2
Rarely 2
Never 2
What is it? 1
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Similar Photos: 4-Directional Tilt Sensor.. http://www.parallax.<wbr/><span class="wbr"></span>com/Store/Sensors/Al<wbr/><span class="wbr"></span>lSensors/tabid/760/C<wbr/><span class="wbr"></span>ategoryID/46/List/0/<wbr/><span class="wbr"></span>SortField/0/Level/a/<wbr/><span class="wbr"></span>ProductID/72 Air pollution sensor in Paris. <br/> CCTV Cameras placed at street corners.  One of these cameras were used to help investigations with a murder.

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