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Privacy is an important issue related to urban technology. What aspects of privacy are you concerned about?
Too easy to hack
May 21, 2013 Barbara P9

One of the problem that I see in all the technical solution is that security is not considered to be the highest priority, having a robust security mechanism is very expensive and it does impact the performances of the service in most cases, therefore most of the company chose to use the "security by obscurity". For example bank and other high profile companies are very strict in try to keep secret the mechanism that the use, all employees involve with security they have in the contract that they have to keep secrecy. However the chosen mechanisms are not so complicated and this is a challenge for a hacker, once the access is gained a lot of data is available to them. My highest concerns are the public services like bank, insurance, tax offices, and so on, have a lot of personal information that should be protected especially because the single person has no control over this information and who is accessing it.

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