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Privacy is an important issue related to urban technology. What aspects of privacy are you concerned about?
"The too-smart city" - The Boston Globe
May 20, 2013 Teresa J2

Today I found this highly interesting and course-relevant article on the Boston Globe entitled "The too smart city", regarding the privacy concerns that some urban planning experts have raised around the implementation of too much technology in the cities. Or, in the words of the article’s author “what will be done to protect the huge amount of data cities can gather about their citizens”?.

It also does raise concern around three important issues (among others):
1) Whether technology will divert city planners from other pungent, non-technological problems (such as poverty, education, etc.,);
2) Whether the municipality will loose control of data over the private enterprises delivering the technological solutions;
3) Whether cities will loose the image of “the city as a chaotic and dynamic whirl of activity”.

I think it is worth reading it, as an additional (and critical) information source for this course.

More Info:
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