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Privacy is an important issue related to urban technology. What aspects of privacy are you concerned about?
The evil of Google
May 21, 2013 Barbara P9

As much as I like the services that Google provides, I have to admit that they have free access to a lot of information. The more a person make use of google services, like the search, the more information is in their hands. Not only they can access private data, but they also know all the habits and schedule of the person based on their activity. All you need is a google account and then you can use a huge amount of services, like maps, docs, youtube, etc that are all link to one account. They are able to create a "virtual" version of yourself, with all the information and habits that Google uses for creating a more effective advertises. In my opinion this is a big issue for privacy, as like for everything, if the information is used wisely the service provided can be very effective, but if it is not used wisely it can cause a big damage.


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