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What should be TechniCity's theme song?
This is Your Life by the Killers
May 04, 2013 Jennifer T24

This song is a little dark, and provides different scenarios of gritty, down-trodden life and crime. The chorus, however, is "Wait for something better", and a bridge that shares "I don't have a simple answer, but I know that I can answer, wait for something better".

For me, this brings to mind how evolving technologies will help create solutions and happier, better lifestyles to come. (Hopefully!)

Musically, the underlying beat and background vocals (which have a great ethnic sound) provide a rich counterpoint to the keyboard/techno - something akin to the future meets the past.

Zach K1
Interesting idea - hadn't noticed the undertones before you pointed it out (and this album was on repeat for me a lot).

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