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What should be TechniCity's theme song?
Gotham City by R. Kelly
Updated: Apr 28, 2013 Acinwu R

Some parts of the lyrics really tell what many of our modern cities have become. In the end the lyrics tells of hope of rising above the chaos to a better place. Its powerful, symbolic and hopeful. Its powerfully encapsulating lyrics is sung by a great singer/song writer known all over the world. Its an instantly recognisable song

I'm lookin over the skyline of the city
How loud, quiet nights in the mist of crime
How next door to happiness lives sorrow
And signals of solution in the sky

[1] - A city of justice, a city of love
A city of peace, for everyone of us
We all need it, can't live without it
Gotham City, oh, yeah

How sleeping awake because of fear (ohh, yeah)
How children are drowning in their tears
How we need a place where we can go
A land where everyone will have a hero (even me)

Yet in the middle of stormy weather
We won't stumble and we won't fall
I know a place that all of us shelter

More Info:
R. Kelly - Gotham City (HQ Video) - YouTube

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